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Jun 24

Happy Father’s Day!

Posted on Wednesday, June 24, 2009 in Family

Father’s Day was low-key and pleasant.  We were still missing the shore, and not up for much.  The cards from Lori, Kate and Nathan were great.  See the kids cards below. 

Nathan and I took out the R/C plane he bought the night before at Target.  The fields at Charity Gardens are convenient for such fun, but the winds were too strong to really make it work.

I took the kids into Lancaster for the open house of the new Marriott and Convention Center.  Very cool!  The views from the rooms are wonderful.  The Rendezvous Lounge is unlike anything else in town.  The name taken from the legendary basement restaurant at Watt & Shand.  I hope it’s a big success!!

Before heading for home we stopped in at the newly relocated Fractured Prune on the corner of Queen and Walnut.  Fresh hot doughnuts with the toppings of your choice.  Oh man, it’s probably good I don’t work downtown anymore, I’d be hitting this place way too often!