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Jul 27

A (yard) Wasted Weekend

Posted on Monday, July 27, 2009 in Family

Oy!  My aching back!  I trimmed the low hanging branches of a couple of hemlock trees in my backyard on Saturday and Sunday.  Trimming was the easy part.  Bagging the sh$! up was the hard part.  I filled 24 40 gallon yard waste bags.  Good’s Disposal will need to send a fleet just for us.

Saturday afternoon the manual labor was pleasantly put on hold, as Lori and I attended a reunion of her first team from Biggest Loser.  No one was counting calories at this bash!

Sunday was more man against yard.  Call it a draw.  I visited 5 Open Houses in Ephrata, to see what’s for sale  in town.  Still a buyer’s market my friends…giddy up.

Kate and Nathan played Guitar Hero for approximately 9 hours.  Kate only quit to watch the Jonas Brothers marathon on Disney.  Lori gleefully escaped the noise to go to work.  I napped through some of it, but honestly can’t recall Sunday night cuz my back and bones still ached.