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Jul 17

My Golf Career Is Over!!!

Posted on Friday, July 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

138.  I shot 138 yesterday at Iron Valley.  Last year at the same course I shot 97.

Over 30 strokes in penalties did me in.  But ultimately it was my lack of playing that all but guaranteed a horrible round.  It was only my 2nd round of the year.  And that round was a 110 at the short and easy Manor Golf Course.

This is so hard to stomach, but it makes sense.  I started playing at 13, played in high school, and from the age of 24 to the age of 36 I played a lot of golf, like twice a week from the first thaw in March to the first snowflakes in late November.   Once Kate was born, and  my career path changed,  I no longer had the time or passion for the game.

This is not a game you can expect to play well without repetition.  Some years I’ve played less than 5 times.  It is hard to do something you once were pretty darn good at.  What can you think of that you no longer perform as well?

138.  79 on the front nine!  That barely beats my score the first time I ever played 9 holes of real golf, 34 years ago, when I had an 81.

Better stick to team sports and share the misery of ineptitude!