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Jul 28

Missing Person in Ephrata!!!

Posted on Tuesday, July 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

Ephrata McDonalds

IT’S ME!!!

See the post below about my doctor visit.  I haven’t been to Mickey D’s in 4 weeks!

Jul 28

Another Visit With The Doctor…

Posted on Tuesday, July 28, 2009 in Family

And it’s good news!

3 months ago I went in for a routine physical and bloodwork.  Cholesterol levels were borderline high so Dr. Calusic prescribed a “statin,” which is I guess the generic term for cholesterol inhibitor.

Cholesterol wal 231 and borderline high.  High is 240+.  I’m now at 156!!!

Triglycerides was borderline high around 150, it’s 62 now!!!

HDL, the good cholesterol is steady at 43.7, with high risk at ,40 and optimum at >60, so there’s work to do here.

LDL was 140ish and borderline, I’m at 99.9 now!  Just inside the “optimal” region.

And I lost another 5 pounds from my last visit!  Makes sense.  I am very deliberate with excercise, working out 6 out of 7 days, which according to the book Dr. Calusic prescribed, Younger Next Year, is what I must do for the rest of my life!  So be it.  Lately I’m on the Ephrata track 3x a week.  Trying to run that 6:30 mile I had to run 30 years ago for football.  Sadly, I can’t break 9 yet!  But I will.

Working harder on the nutrition.  But it’s been 4 weeks since I’ve been to the Golden Arches.  I can’t believe it.  Did have a burger at Friendly’s…but no fries!  Loving the whole grains, and eating more fruit than i already was, and I love fruit.

I’m feeling healthy.  I’m ready to go for another 30 years, at least!

If you are a male 40 or older, or love one that is…check out the book Younger Next Year:

Jun 29

QVC the Place For Me?

Posted on Monday, June 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

I’m blogging from the “cyber cafe” inside the QVC campus in West Chester, PA.

A few months ago, my high school pal Trina asked if I’d be interested in helping her husband, Jeff,  sell their coiled garden hose product on QVC.  Brother Weems and coiled garden hose, a match made in heaven, right?

Since they live in Oregon and it’s a plane ride and atleast a one night stay overnight to do a 5 minute show here, why not send someone else, namely me, who lives an hour away.

So after weeks of intensive training in hose technology and QVC sales philosophy, I’m here awaiting “showtime”, at about 4:30 today.  Hopefully it’s just the first of many successful visits!

(Don’t expect me to be Billy Mays, RIP, it’s not that kind of presentation.  Nor will I be ShamWeems, like the ShamWow guy.  The host runs the show, I’m to be like a guest in their house)

…several hours later…

Sure was bright outside…they could’ve told me we’d be out in bright sunlight!

May 21

Remembering My Dad…

Posted on Thursday, May 21, 2009 in Family

It was 34 years ago today that my Dad passed way from a heart attack he suffered 3 days earlier.  I was 13.  As we get closer to Father’s Day I will post my favorite letter I wrote about him from a few years back.

You don’t know what it’s like to lose someone so important to you until it actually happens.  What I remember most about the hours and days after he died is how much I cried.  I know now from being a dad, just how quickly and how often kids cry.  At 6 and 10 Nathan and Kate probably find some reason to cry on a daily basis.  Surely I cried as much then at those ages as they do now, but I hardly remember any of  it.  Maybe that’s why my sobbing when Dad died seems so memorable.  At the funeral it was just endless, relentless wimpering and crying and hyperactive tear glands.  It just hurt so so much.  While we all shared the grief, only my sister Mary could match my outpouring of the sorrow inside.  Strangely, sadly, one of the everlasting images of my father, is of him crying as hard as I was that day, on they day we buried my brother Al, my oldest brother, his first born son.  I was 5 and I didn’t really know what it all meant, but seeing your Dad cry like a baby will brand a memory in your heart forever.

In the days and weeks that followed Dad’s passing I felt a prolonged numbness.  What now?  What do you do without a Dad?  School was on out of body experience.  As my 7th grade peers anxiously awaited the end of another school year and the start of week after week of summer fun, I just went through the motions and wallowed in sadness.

One of the last things we did together, was sign me up for my first ever try at midget football.  How I wished he could have been there at any time, that year or any year to see me play.  From that miserable beginning, a chubby lineman barely sucking the weight to not exceed the limit for the league, to becoming a co-captain of the Varsity as a senior, it would have been great to get an “attaboy” from my father. 

We played about a 999 rounds of mini-golf on my homemade golf course in the backyard.  Only a few weeks before 5/21/75, he took me into Zambito’s, a rundown sporting goods store somewhere off the beaten path in Rochester, so I could buy my first set of real golf clubs.  Not 30 days after May 21st of that year was my 1st attempt on a real golf course.  I’ve played a thousand times since.  You know, just once with the old man and his Two Guys putter with the light blue shaft woulda been real special.

At no age is it easy to lose your Dad.  My best friend lost his only a couple years ago.  He had 40+ years with his Pop.  They weren’t all great.  In fact, some were bad.  But chances are if you have your father that long, you have more memories together, and it may be even harder to lose them when they’re with you for  so long.  There’s no good time to say goodbye.

While I wish my Dad was here today, it’d be hard to trade the experiences I’ve had, and the things I’ve  learned, and the person I’ve become because I lost him 34 years ago.  I know in many ways it has made me stronger, more resilient, more patient, more positive and more appreciative of my blessings and the people around me. 

Thanks Dad.

I didn’t know where this would go, and I didn’t know where it would end, but it feels better in print, than in my head.

May 10

A Weems Family Yard Sale!

Posted on Sunday, May 10, 2009 in Family

It was time for the annual Lincoln Gardens/Countryside Estates Yard Sale on Saturday.  Kate & Nathan wanted to raise some money to buy more stuff.  Kate wants a camera.  Nathan wants a million things.  Lori wanted no part of this.  The kids and I made chocolate chip cookies and brownies to sell too.  Witness the goodies we had.

They each made 31 bucks.

May 10

Remembering My Mom

Posted on Sunday, May 10, 2009 in Family

On this Mother’s Day I’m posting one of the many letters I wrote to my mortgage clients over the last 5 years.  Writing personal stream of consciousness type letters was something I did to stay in touch, and a way of sending something interesting in the mail once a month, rather than a bill or an ad.

This letter was written 3 years ago, in advance of Mother’s Day, shortly after my Mom died.

By The Grace Of God, Grace Is With God

After a nearly 15 year battle with Alzheimers, my Mom died last month at the age of 84.  I know your first impulse is to say, “Oh I’m Sorry!”  Thank you.  But really, I was energized by the news.  It’s been well over 10 years since Mom could recognize any of us.  She was alive only in the most technical, clinical sense.  My personal grieving was over long ago.  Now I can delight in the freedom of her soul.

Decades before the two income household became the norm, Grace Williams was a registered nurse, raising 8 kids.  Yes, 8.  Her cloud in Heaven deserves to be extra cushy, but no angels wings for her…she did her time here on Earth.

As the baby of the family, I lucked into a special privilege.  I was in the afternoon kindergarten, so I had Mom all to myself each morning.  Everyone else could only share in her time.  I loved school, but I hated when the bus came, because Winnie the Pooh just got into another jam, and Mom would have to put the bookmark in where she left off reading to me.

Lucky Grace, she got to raise a teen-aged Brian all by herself!  She drove 30 miles one way, maybe 50, to watch basketball games I didn’t even get to play in.  She wouldn’t let me drive after 9 pm, so she went with me and my oddball friends to see drive-in movies like Tool Box Murders.  Drunk at 14, DUI at 18, yet President of National honor Society in between, why was her baby such a challenge?

But really, I couldn’t faze her.  One Saturday morning in high school I was out with a friend on a sloppy winter day.  I lost control of her car and crashed.  I was unhurt, but shaken.  The police dropped me off at home.  I entered the living room and Mom was on her hands and knees, scrubbing the linoleum living room floor. 

“Uhh Mom,” I stammered, “I was in an accident…and I totalled your car.”  She looked up and said, “Ohhhh, that’s tooo baaaad…are you all right?’  A little stunned at that reaction, I slowly nodded yes.  She said, “Wellllll that’s good.”  and she went back to scrubbing.

She died wealthy.  I’m still counting the goodies left me…patience, empathy, trust, faith, humility, virtue, outspokenness, confidence, a positive attitude and a dozen other things I haven’t even learned to use yet.  I hope I don’t ever squander the riches she bestowed upon me.




Apr 28

If Only My Bowling Score Was This High!

Posted on Tuesday, April 28, 2009 in Family

Met with Dr. Calusic today to review my bloodwork.  Cholesterol was 231.  That’s within a strike of my all time bowling score!  Triglycerides 158.  My good cholesterol was solid, but those other 2 make me borderline high. 

He prescribed a little brown bill to take every day.  Need to lose more weight and excercise 45 minutes a day 6 days a week.   But the killer is…no white flour, no white sugar!  Come on!  Those 2 are like cigarettes and alcohol to me…24 hours without either will have me on the kitchen floor in the fetal position crying for Little Debbie.

Doc is looking for me to have that Triglyceride number BELOW 100 in 3 months!  The Ephrata McDonalds will have me declared a missing person!

I’ve got 90 days to hit my numbers.  P-90X again?  Man I don’t know!

Apr 20


Posted on Monday, April 20, 2009 in Family

I had a general physical today, my first in 5 years or so.  (It’s that darn prostate check that keeps from going back annually.)  Overall pretty positive I’m relieved to report.

Having blood work done to see where I’m at cholesterol wise.  Doc recommending diet and excercise.  Little does he know I’m down 15 pounds already, and the excercise he has planned is less than my norm.  Pulse and blood pressure solid.  He did an EKG, based upon my concern over heart disease in the family.  He said it was great!  No damage done, none foreseen coming, no irregular beats…this is comforting news.

I’ve always said I’ve got 4 older brothers as guinea pigs, some of whom smoked, so they can always be my warning signs, but you never know.   They probably don’t place fast food and sugar on the pedestal I do.  Those are habits that will be tough to beat.  I don’t know of a “patch” for either!  You know it’s a problem when someone asked me what my favorite piece of artwork is, and I said, “The Dollar Menu at McDonalds.”

Tune in next week for the blood work results…

Apr 19

Sunday Basketball

Posted on Sunday, April 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

As you look back on your life what regrets do you.  Of course you immediately think of career path and relationship choices.  But go micro for a second.  What small things would you change?

I’m freshly showered from 90+ minutes of basketball at the Ephrata Rec.   It’s pickup every Sunday for guys 30 to 50.  Because of church obligations I can’t make it every week, but when I do play I absolutley love it.

At 47 I’m heartsick over the fact that I didn’t play hoops for many years.  Between 18 and 40 I rarely played, save for one year when we had a team at WLAN.  Now, playing pick up or league ball for the last 7 years, I wish I had played during my 20’s and 30’s, to see what a lighter Weems with younger muscles and organs could have done.  Nonetheless,  it is an awesome workout, supreme calorie burn and just a blast, the highlight my week from a selfish, personal point of view.

So, what playful regret do YOU have?